A True Gent


Winston, ladies and gents. A dog that did the Bichon Blitz and drove me crazy freshman year. He came after two Rottweilers, big dogs, protective dogs, dogs with heritage. And yet here was this little marshmallow with teeth running back and forth across hardwood floors for seemingly no reason. And he didn’t need one because he was happy. He was always happy but he let you know when you were his friend. That’s how I knew Kristen was the one. Sure, okay my heart said “yes” but it was really Winston that confirmed everything. He and I went to the beach together. Car shows. Halloween. He was there when Jiraiya (Naruto) died and I needed a hug. He was there for me when Nightcrawler was killed. He was there for me when I came home at my lowest point and he licked my hand. He said everything was going to be okay. I am going to miss you, Winston. My best friend. Everything is going to be okay.


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