Tiny Faux Pas


I started a TinyLetter newsletter. It’s an experiment. It might work. It might not. It’ll focus more on records and collections and wild world of paper to digital transitions in the workspace. I don’t even know where to start other than my own career but here it is. Out there in the world, ready for the bumbling mess of more concrete writing. Heavy sigh…welcome to the Ghost Forests. Don’t sit down. This will be quick.

Please subscribe to my TinyLetter newsletter, The Stacks. I had referred to our carousel of records as The Stacks to my boss and she looked at me sideways. She never referred to them as ominous as “The Stacks.” It’s just stacks of paper records that go on forever. I thought I was being clever and cute. It fell flat. I blame Halo and mission, The Library. Seriously, fuck that mission.

Please subscribe or humanity won’t be saved. Well, okay. After today, hope is at an all-time low but hey, SUBSCRIBE.



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