A Wobbly Desk Leg

Getting back to basics is crucial if I want to research for the pure joy of it. I had a Coming-to-Jesus talk with my boss two weeks ago (and this past Friday) regarding the thing I get paid to do and did okay at for three months but then I called upon the Cthulhu of […]

Water and 15th Street

I had a wonderful weekend wherein my wife invited a few incredible friends. These gracious human beings with whom I have struck out adventures with and laid under the stars to weave my wild-eyed stories, have yet to run off Seattle’s Pier 44 in a fit of dementia or insanity. This is a good thing. […]

Tiny Faux Pas

I started a TinyLetter newsletter. It’s an experiment. It might work. It might not. It’ll focus more on records and collections and wild world of paper to digital transitions in the workspace. I don’t even know where to start other than my own career but here it is. Out there in the world, ready for […]

A True Gent

Winston, ladies and gents. A dog that did the Bichon Blitz and drove me crazy freshman year. He came after two Rottweilers, big dogs, protective dogs, dogs with heritage. And yet here was this little marshmallow with teeth running back and forth across hardwood floors for seemingly no reason. And he didn’t need one because […]

The Audacity of Hope

Wow…saw that coming, huh? Yesterday, I had an interaction on the bus with a couple of guys. They boarded talking loudly about their candidate winning. It was smugness and I was in no mood to listen to them so I turned up my techno and lulled off to sleep like I usually do. It wasn’t […]