SSX – Politely Under Pressure

SSX = Seattle Sounders Xpress. I did this a lot for about four years, writing about my local soccer team. With life settling in some ways and me needing a more consistent writing gig, I think I’ll come back to this. The first three sentences are from a post on March 16, 2013, and could […]

Secrets of the Beehive

Deep in the mud, weight on its haunches, it ponders the motive. Blades of dewy grass blow about the Ghost Forest, carrying the fleeting thought to an atmospheric nexus made of lay lines. Fear wafts about in a form that is tangible. And gobbled. Satiated, the thing bounds forward with ferocity. It is Stress. I […]

Essential Violet

Schizophrenic, dirty, grimy inkwell pours its contents down on the Emerald City. The Times can’t save you, its fibers scream just as the tree it was cut from moaned when gravity stabbed it in the back. Shoes become the local pool. The invention of mini glasses wipers immediately sounds like a Google idea. And then […]

In The Absence of Sun

Residential thoughts have been burrowing deep past the recollections of the past. Likely a spur of the moment attitude brought on by visiting the glacial Mind Palace but inexplicably annoying. Functions regress on a wire, numbing the alien, allow me to put forth a cohesive meltdown. The buckets of tears hit the trees, the Ghost […]

EpiPen Mollification

Exhaustive thoughts intermingle with the pacifying splash of mother nature’s embrace like a raven tickling the earth for food. Or is it a preferable analogy to the soul trying to escape from a human husk? I look up at the sky, wishing for a coat, sodium becoming roommates with oxygen. It’s the Ghost Forest and […]

Within, I Shit Myself

It’s true. It’s the only way to keep warm in the Ghost Forest. Winds are carrying the Winter spirits, lying about a dense fog of their post-life skin cells. A chill that makes the fuzziest of flannel pants seem like a wonder in human innovation. Hello. It’s fucking cold and I am loving it. Can […]